Customer Experience Channels

We hire and manage experienced support experts to keep clients focused on scaling and expanding their business while we manage what goes on in the command center. No matter what channel customers are on, we’ll meet them there with consistently robust support.

100% of the inbound customer experience is multi-channel.


Live and asynchronous chat are fundamental channels for cutting-edge customer service. Customers are online all the time, so it’s important that support offerings are too.

Live Chat Outsourcing Solutions Made Easy

From web chats to Facebook messages, online conversations are here to stay – and Marketplace Authority can help. We provide live chat outsourcing solutions for a variety of platforms including Facebook Pages and Messenger, managed live chats on websites, and customer service emails.

How live chat helps grow your business

  • Customer Service Still Reigns Supreme
  • Gain Leverage Over Your Competition
  • Live Chat on Your Website Can Improve Your Lead Generation
  • Maximize Your Conversion Rate and Sales
  • Learn More About Your Customers
  • Slash Your Operating Costs
  • Chat Bots Can’t Keep Up


Email has become a primary tool for managing customer relationships. We have successfully handled email support services for several major companies ranging from simple to complex issues.

Too many emails and not enough time?

Email is one of the most often-used forms of customer contact and for good reason. Email is one of the more cost-effective channels, it doesn’t require an immediate answer, and most customers are comfortable using it as a channel.

We’ve got you covered 24/7/365

Marketplace Authority provides email support outsourcing for a wide range of clients including the video games, consumer electronics, eCommerce industries, and more. Our cloud-based Zendesk instance allows us to quickly bring new clients onto the system and efficiently scale our support operation up and down, creating an effortless customer experience for your customers. Email support outsourcing allows you to provide support around the clock, even on weekends and holidays without breaking the bank.


Whether a shopper or a gamer, customers prefer to engage from within a client’s app. We offer in-app support to aid and to interact with customers so as to not distract them from their current actions.

Rely on experienced support staff

Outsource mobile apps support to our professional and talented team. Our experts have been extensively trained and carry years of experience to deliver dependable & consistent services for your small or mid-sized business.

How can we help you?

At Marketplace Authority, you’ll find technical help desk outsourcing specialists who have experience in all the technologies, platforms, and systems your business relies on every day. We have immense strength on Android & IOS Operating Systems. It does not matter if your mobile apps are built on Native platforms using Java, C++, SWIFT or Hybrid platform using Cordova, Ionic and the likes. We cover the full spectrum of outsourced mobile app support services, on both the technical and customer service side – so you can concentrate on your core business.

Mobile apps support services for today’s evolving market

It’s a mobile world, and Marketplace Authority understands the need for reliable mobile app support that keeps your business connected in the ever-changing market. Our skilled mobile specialists and technicians deliver customer support to companies of all types and sizes, from new start-ups to established enterprise.

Whether you need to keep up with your team on the go, or you’re releasing apps to customers around the globe, you’ll enjoy the flexibility and responsiveness of our outsource mobile apps support services. Rely on our expert staff to keep your mobile apps secure, up and running.

Key benefits of our tech support outsourcing services

  • Increased uptime
  • Quick response
  • Cost efficiency

SMS Text

Texting is the most common use case for mobile phones. However, not all companies capitalize on SMS text support. We can help clients to stay ahead of this curve.

Quickly scale your SMS text response capacity

Most consumers are texting all day long. They love the ease of communications and the instant results. However, most businesses are not setup to receive texts or don’t have the team in place to provide instant text customer support. Our agents are ready to help you institute text support for the first time or help you outsource to a great contact center to manage the process to increase customer satisfaction.

Why SMS text solutions make sense

  • Technology
  • 24/7 Service
  • Reliability
  • Scalability
  • Multilingual
  • Savings

Social Media

Social media is an increasingly important customer service channel where customers expect a response within minutes. We help clients to offer 24/7 support and to manage urgent posts from such channels.

Meet your customers where they are

For many consumers, social media has become the primary channel for reaching out to companies while only a minority of B2C companies offer customer support there. Marketplace Authority helps companies take their customer support social.

Social media has become a prevalent customer support channel. So much so that currently, 70% of social media users expect brands to respond to their support inquiries on social.

Why social media?

Redirecting customers away from their chosen support channel is one of the worst service experiences possible, forcing them to interact in a form they didn’t choose. Marketplace Authority’s social media support services help you service a different type of customer that is not always willing to use traditional channels.

Due to its public nature, providing excellent social customer service allows you to showcase your responsiveness and personal approach. Word-of-mouth is one of the most effective marketing tools out there, and social customer support facilitates just that. Customers will rarely call you to tell you they are happy. The fact that they do on social media presents a unique opportunity to turn them into brand advocates.


Voice is still a common and valuable tool for an effective customer experience – especially for high-touch engagements. We offer voice support in numerous languages and have experience providing this for high-profile clients.

Inbound and outbound call support

Clients can achieve faster resolution for their customers by working with Marketplace Authority’s team for inbound call support. These calls might be for technical support, billing assistance, checking order status, providing feedback, resolving issues, and much more. By doing this efficiently and methodically, clients receive deep insight into problems faced by their customers, as well as realize iterative improvement cycles to achieve long-term loyalty.

Most companies reach out to their customers by calling them up to provide product / services updates. However, this can be a daunting task, as well as one that consumes many resources when attempted internally. Marketplace Authority’s team has the ability to efficiently and effectively reach out to customers and prospects to build upon the core business that you have already established.

Through working with Marketplace Authority, clients generally achieve:

  • Cost savings of 30-50%
  • Lower repeat calls because of clear communication and issue resolution
  • Process transformation through continuous learning and feedback
  • Drop in call wait times by achieving quicker resolution



Whether a company operates under a subscription-based or traditional model, we support all steps of the billing process.

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Customer Service

You work hard to win customers, so we make sure they we always take care of them and do our best to keep them happy.

Learn more


We provide exceptional sales support from customer saves to proactive up-selling and cross-selling.

Learn more

Community Management

Providing your community with 24/7 attention is an important part of building your company presence.

Learn more

Outbound Support

Outbound customer support and outbound sales are just two ways in which we can help take your offering to the next level.

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Tech Support

We offer multiple levels of technical support, including full support for most Blockchain platforms.

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Your success is the center of our business. We work on Community Management, Digital Branding, Email Marketing, Social Media Management & Marketing, Video Explainers & Marketing and help clients source Promotional Products.

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  • What an amazing job and done so well! We are now looking for new animations project, we just need to find some time to plan a bit. Thank you again

    Rune Haakonsen
    Rune Haakonsen
    Kongsberg - Celebrating 200 years - Houston, TX
  • Marketplace Authority has been incredible. I was skeptical at first but they have been providing 10-15 quality leads to me per week, the service is awesome.

    Mike Leigh
    Mike Leigh
    C-Thru Sunrooms - Orange County, CA
  • I thought you guys would not be able to reach our high-end customer base but you proved me wrong. We have 8 Marketplace Authority agents now. Thanks

    Damian Klinger
    Damian Klinger - New York City
  • I have been with Marketplace Authority for 8 months and they have been great. We have 4 agents now and they are one of our primary lead sources.

    Jim Casparie
    Jim Casparie
    Fortress Environmental Holdings - Dallas, TX

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