Targeted Marketing

Marketing is about finding the right person and then presenting the right message to them at the right time. Marketplace Authority enables you to zero in on the type of people that you are looking for to maximize your response rate, as well as your ROI.

Email Marketing & Management

Send “Personalized Emails” that connect and resonate with recipients! Marketplace Authority’s powerful, proprietary email application sends out emails so good that your reader thinks it was personally written for them. So, your messages are not only clicked on, they’re also read and those people are likely to take action right away!

Simplify email marketing, win more leads and close more sales!

Find the answers to these questions and more:

  • How to Increase the Effectiveness of the Emails You are Sending?
  • Where can I Easily Find the Right List of People to Email?
  • How Can Email Marketing Help My Business? And Grow Customers?
  • What Email Marketing Solutions are Provided by Marketplace Authority and What are My Options?

Explainer Video Email Marketing

Despite all the cool social media platforms, fun apps and hot new sites the most effective marketing tool around is still your boring old email account. People check their email every single day, which means that email is still one of the best ways to share your new explainer video and increase exposure for your brand. For the longest time video and email didn’t mesh, but that’s all over. Video email marketing is easier and more effective than ever.

Video Increases Email Opens

According to Adelie Studios, “Including video in an email can lead to open rate increases of 19% and click-through rate increases upwards of 50%.” That might not sound like much, but a “good email open rate is around 20%, so literally doubling your open rate is massive bump.

Craft It For Your Audience

Video in email is simply the best way to reach thousands of subscribers to promote and share your videos and your brand. Make sure you optimize your emails for video with video thumbnails, GIFs, catchy subject lines and the right formatting for your audience.

Geographical Area Targeted Ads

Marketplace Authority Geo Area Targeted Ads allows your ads to appear in the geographic locations that you choose: countries, areas within a country, a radius around a location, or location groups, which can include places of interest, your business locations, or tiered demographics.

Increase ROI with Accurate Ads

Marketplace Authority Geo Area Targeted Ads help you focus your advertising on the areas where you’ll find the right customers, and restrict it in areas where you won’t. This specific type of targeting could help increase your return on investment (ROI) as a result.

Craft It For Your Audience

When it comes to advertising online, consider the real estate adage: “Location, location, location!” Regardless of how great your ad is, it probably won’t perform as well if it doesn’t appear in the right places. Reach your customers where they are and where your business can serve them by using Marketplace Authority Geo Area Targeted Ads.

Precision Device Targeting

No other online marketing company can scale your target all the way down to the individual household or building. When we say we can target a specific address, we mean it. We match each device address to a physical address at a 95% or greater confidence level for true one-to-one marketing.

Reach Your Audience Online by their Street Address

Marketplace Authority’s Precision Device Targeting brings the location-specific accuracy of direct mail to digital advertising. Our powerful technology targets digital ads by matching a device’s IP address with a physical street address, bringing a wide variety of video and display ads to the sites the targeted customer visits on the Internet while at that physical street address, even if you have no idea what their email address is.

Target Your Exact Audience

With the Precision Device Targeting service you can target businesses, consumers, government agencies and non-profits. We have a database with over 50 million contacts and over 500 specialty lists. You can also supply us with your in-house or purchased list.

  • Businesses
  • Consumers
  • Government Offices
  • Non-Profits


Retargeting converts window-shoppers into buyers. Generally, 2% of shoppers convert on the first visit to an online store. Retargeting brings back the other 98%. Retargeting works by keeping track of people who visit your site and displaying your retargeting ads to them as they visit other sites online.

Why is retargeting so effective?

Retargeting generates greater online sales by keeping your brand front and center and bringing “window shoppers” back when they’re ready to buy. Every time your customer sees your retargeting ads, your brand gains traction and more recognition. The high click-through rates and increased conversions that are typical with retargeting campaigns underscore the value of good branding and repeated exposure.

How does retargeting work?

Technically, all you have to do is place a JavaScript tag in the footer of your website. This code creates a list of people who visit your site by placing anonymous retargeting “cookies” in their browsers. The list allows Marketplace Authority (or other retargeting vendors) to display retargeting ads to your potential customers as they visit other sites. Since Marketplace Authority works with the largest ad exchanges, we can retarget your customers just about anywhere they might go online.

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Your success is the center of our business. We work on Community Management, Digital Branding, Email Marketing, Social Media Management & Marketing, Video Explainers & Marketing and help clients source Promotional Products.

How good are we at what we do? Take it from some of the businesses Marketplace Authority have helped already. We let them speak for us.

  • What an amazing job and done so well! We are now looking for new animations project, we just need to find some time to plan a bit. Thank you again

    Rune Haakonsen
    Rune Haakonsen
    Kongsberg - Celebrating 200 years - Houston, TX
  • Marketplace Authority has been incredible. I was skeptical at first but they have been providing 10-15 quality leads to me per week, the service is awesome.

    Mike Leigh
    Mike Leigh
    C-Thru Sunrooms - Orange County, CA
  • I thought you guys would not be able to reach our high-end customer base but you proved me wrong. We have 8 Marketplace Authority agents now. Thanks

    Damian Klinger
    Damian Klinger - New York City
  • I have been with Marketplace Authority for 8 months and they have been great. We have 4 agents now and they are one of our primary lead sources.

    Jim Casparie
    Jim Casparie
    Fortress Environmental Holdings - Dallas, TX

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